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Why Aerial Advertising

We are a Helicopter banner advertising firm redefining how companies expand awareness and grow leads.


Cut through the clutter with giant, brightly colored logos and message banners in the sky towed by helicopters.

In a fun and innovative way that delivers high retention rates

Proven to Work

A quality advertising campaign is a great way for a company or individual to get their mes-sage to a large number of people at the same time, in a way they will remember.
Viewers will remember the message on your custom aerial billboards with a greater degree of detail than any other kind of advertising.

Surveys show how effective aerial advertising is:


Aerial advertising is viewed in a much different way than traditional advertising. Its uniqueness, combined with a surreal attraction, gives viewers the impression that it’s their own private air show.

Additionally, aerial messages are fun to read. Both the prospective client and the advertiser find the whole process experience enjoyable – a huge factor, when compared to what is generally considered to be the invasive bombardment of traditional media.

See the guy standing under the banner? These things are huge! What Makes Heli-Banners So Effective?

There is something about a helicopter flying overhead that demands our attention. They have a unique sound, and the rarity of their appearance also makes them special. Now imagine, as people look up, they see, flowing behind the helicopter, a Helicopter Banner  displaying your company name, logo or message! Suddenly the attention is focused on your message.

Helicopter advertising involves helicopters towing massive banner ads. The message is suspended below the helicopter as it flies over a sporting event, beach, fair, or other large gathering. Helicopter banners are the biggest banners in aerial advertising – up to twenty stories tall displaying a message that’s almost the size of an entire football field. That’s 30,000 to 50,000 square feet! Banners are pulled behind the helicopter and the people below, hearing the sound of the copter blades, will have plenty of time to read it each time it passes – making it very memorable.

What Makes Helicopter Advertising So Effective?

Helicopters have the advantage of flying more slowly than planes, providing a longer viewing time. Because of their upward lift, helicopters are able to pull several times the weight that single engine planes can pull. This means a larger banner and more extensive message can be displayed. This, coupled with the slower speed and multiple passes can add up to a great impact on your audience.

Heli-Banners enjoy another big advantage over standard outdoor advertising. Advertising in the sky has no competition for attention. The wide-open sky is empty of messages until yours grabs people’s attention with the audio (our helicopter) and visual impact (your Heli-Banner). And the multiple passes will virtually guarantee that your company’s message will be indelibly etched in their minds.

How Could You Use A Helicopter Banner?

People have used helicopters to advertise a company, promote a unique product, draw attention to a special event, congratulate someone on a job well done, and even to propose marriage! Because of the uniqueness of this form of advertising, your message is sure to make a lasting impression on your target audience.